4 Pics 1 Word Answers What’s the Word

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List of solutions for what’s the word? game by lotum gmbh for your android device ! see the help cheat in 4 pics 1 word answers with walkthrough for each picture

Can you guess all words from random letters and photos hints to unlock all levels? Countless puzzles from easy to tricky are waiting for you!

whats the word cheat answer for each level :
1. bat : bat, bat in night, baseball bat, bat and ball
2. pair : hamburger, a shoe, 2 ladybugs, and socks
3. children : jumping kids, 2 kids writing, kids raising hand, 2 kids
4. black : owl, roulette board, panther, man in rain
5. jump : athletic jump, gril jump, snowboard jump, a person jum
6. water : bubble in water, watering tree, wave, shower
7. sign : white pen, black pen, wood sign, kangaroo sign
8. crane : 2 yellow crane, 2 birds
9. tie : man in suite, man holding 2 tie, knot, red ribbon
10. ball : soccer ball, basketball, golf ball


11. fish : fish, fishing dock, bait, food
12. sink : washing dish, reparing sink, a boat sinking, sinking boat
13. drink : woman drink coffee, cat drinking, girl drink water, baby drink milk
14. match : match on fire, matches, girl with tennis, tennis racket
15. date : calendar, man thinking woman, the fruit of the date palm, woman making a toast
16. new : green arrow, frame with ribbon, year clock, empty room
17. hot : frying pan on fire, fire mountain, dog with umbrella, couple in sauna
18. tip : money, whispering, money on plate, thumb sign
19. catch : fishing, playing baseball, mouse trap, man catching kid
20. cold : girl in sweater, iglo, ice, ice cream

21. wet : girl in shower, umbrella, pool
22. change : money, coffee with money, rail track, man from fat to medium
23. yellow : garden, yellow uniform, bees, lady with car
24. wide : harbour, river, girl feel free raising hand, man open mouth with finger
25. sour : lemon, cherries, girl eating porange, potato
26. push : man with 1 finger, push ups, girl exercise, kid playing yellow tractor toy
27. record : record player, microphone, stop watch, black record
28. book : girl holding pile of books, girl reading book, receptionist stamping hand, man reading
29. palm : hand and palm trees
30. old : old people with laptop, wood, pyramid, caveman symbols

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