4 Pics 1 Word Level 251 – 280 Picture Walkthrough

By | February 14, 2013

We’re almost reaching level 300 of LOTUM GMBH what’s the word game : 4 pics 1 word level 251 – 280 answers ! i hope i can help you to look for the solution on these 4 pics 1 word picture walkthrough ! search and find the correct letters to get words combination 🙂

in case you missed the previous stage, look the help hints here : 4 pics 1 word cheat

list whats the answer of the words from 4 picture :

251. overkill : little girl pressing a toothpaste, hammer on egg, bunch of outlets connected to an extention cord, a lot of traffic signs
252. spray : spraying, skunk, water spray bottle
253. charge : line of people, charger, batteries, charging activity
254. divine : glowing light with statue, crystal ball, cross light, wood stick
255. clock : clocktower, girl pointing on watch, stopwatch, flower clock
256. pedal : boy learn riding bike, woman was sewing woman leg black and white, pump with meter
257. sweeten : spoon with sugar, honey, spoon with honey, add sugar to cup of coffe
258. socket : power plug socket, blue eye, body, skeleton x-ray with red hand joint
259. album : yellow background with text unplugged, lady and old woman, old photos, cd case
260. upset : 2 boxers, man angry with computer, 2 hockey players, man looking on laptop

261. strand : women pose black and white, DNA, shipwreck, bottle on beach
262. basic : paper with case word, girl thinking, 1+1=2, a tape
263. scavenge : garbage, junk, hyena, 2 man picking garbage item
264. conflict : 4 soldiers with gun, cartoon of woman and man fighting, woman thinking, man with devil and angel side
265. stamp : stamps, foot print, stamping logo, stamp mark


266. dream : man statue, woman sleep, woman thinking, couple laying down with house line on background
267. dominate : woman on top of man, running to finish line, horse racing, woman mount a man
268. strain : pink color circle with virus, man pulling iron, food pours into basin, rope
269. rage : angry man with smoke come out from ears, girl with shoes, angry woman
270. effect : ball with blue flames, glowing color stage, red color, spotlight with blue color

271. strip : man stripping with girl grapping his tie, white paper, plane take off, beach
272. guide : man and woman at office, group of people on snow, couple in front of church, girl scout
273. deal : shake hand, shuffle cards, house key, man sitting on phone
274. dull : girl with paper on head, yellow emoticon, single man on party, +1=3
275. rose : pink rose, red graphic pointing up, red roses, chart bar raising
276. tease : woman and man hair tied, 2 children teasing, girls laughing
277. brood : 2 kids, 5 yellow chicks, cartoon girl with purple cloth, chicken with eggs
278. stroke : woman with red hair, blue stroke, black stroke, playing tennis
279. couple : woman and man on pink blanket, 2 ring connected, old couple
280. converse : couple chat, kids talking with can line phone, red shoes, girl on phone

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  • crystal

    ewelina, the answer it strip

  • Andrew Loscalzo

    1. Man covering ears
    2. Acordian
    3. Old fashioned camera
    4. Object that blows air into fire

  • Andrew Loscalzo

    oh the letters are WLDTSULOECHB

    • admin

      @andrew : bellows

  • Clara

    A thermometer, group of kids graduating throwing there hats, a protractor, and I have no clue what the circular thing is with Asian writing. Please excuse my ignorance. The letters are HLGLERSIEEKD seven letter word.

    • admin

      @clara : degree/s

  • Brooklyn

    im stuck on number 260 on my phone,

    its a pic with a horse
    a big bus driving
    a train
    and a guy holing something with a game borad looks likes in the backround

    please plase help

    its 5 letters and it starts with a C

  • Adric

    Pic of towers, kid on beach, pic of wooden shoes, n lil wooden girl thingy

  • Aj

    @brooklyn coach

  • jovy

    pls help. im stuck, 43 whiic has piggy bank with leave, leave, a woman’ photo, a womans close up pictures. pls help thanks.

  • Emma Jane

    1. A girl snapping a cigerette in half
    2. A girl looking angry pulling out her hair
    3. A man with is hands on his checks looking shocked
    4. A woman in a suit that looks like she is clicking her fingers
    4 letters
    Please help!

  • lonna

    Emma Jane: the answer is SNAP

  • sunil

    Plz help
    1. Icecream
    2.newspaper with “we are in the news” title
    3. Dog cleaning up his own poop
    4. Strawberry+icecream (some sort of dessert?

  • megs

    Need help please:
    Multiple babushka dolls
    Multiple pairs of wooden clogs (shoes)
    A boy collecting shells on a beach
    Multiple small statues of the Eiffel Tower

    8 letters (7th letter is i)
    Thanks :0)

    • admin

      @ megs : souvenir

  • megs

    Thanks so much!!

  • bob

    green statue head, white statue head, hitch hiker, two cops
    4 letters
    2nd letter u

  • nadiaa

    what is…girl with big glasses kinda pouting, red hair boy tounge sticking out with hands on his head, a girl with a funny face with her hair in high pigy tails, and a young girl with a lemon squirming?

    7 letter pleaseeee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • p1

    O R O P S U T J I L T U

    Plane flying, a beach, a street sign that says las vegas blvd and what looks like some paper cut into some shapes.

    Please help

  • Tracee

    P1 – Strip
    Nadiaa – Grimace
    Bob- Bust

  • help

    Some cake, golf, people discussing things while looking at a computer, a teacher teaching in the classroom


    • admin

      @help : course 🙂

  • Jennnna

    5 letter word…
    Family reading book
    Girl under blanket reading book with flashlight
    Boy looking at iPad with colors splashing out at him
    A yellow crumple paper acting as a bright light


    • admin

      @jennnna it should be NOVEL

  • T1

    Physics balls,crib, phone off the hook and what looks like Bethlehem! Letters are U R A M E L R O C D

    • admin

      @T1 : cradle

  • Cori

    6 letters a net with a hole in it killer whales waves crashing and a cave with an opening on the other side
    Letters are E Y E N T R H B E E A C

  • chick

    help classic version
    1. side of mans face with glasses on
    2. baby with pair of glasses on
    3. student picture a guy with glasses on
    4. a pair of eye glasses


  • Unz

    Hi plz help me
    1 girl with blotch
    2 couple takes photo
    3 girl with look- see
    4 light on stage or room
    4 letters aggopxseoawt

  • Kylie

    Stuck on the one with the golfer, slice of cake, couple at computer & a teacher teaching kids

  • Cuppycake98

    I’m on level 268! And I have been on this one for like a week now:/ please help:( it’s a 8 letter word and the second letter is n.
    The letters are DRNACIENXTIO

  • Kate

    Someone please answer Cori, I’m stuck on the same one and it’s killing me!

  • maine

    4 letters all of the pictures has a long tube metal level 267

  • elena

    the answer to cori is breach

  • ellie

    Caravans, lorry driving towards sun, old tv, caravan
    Stuck on this one for days!

  • Mimi

    It’s TRAILER

  • Zel

    Help! 7 letters

    1. A guy wearing a green coat (green background)
    2. A girl and a guy talking (wearing a business suit)
    3. A girl holding a recorder (yellow background)
    4. Three people in a business suit

  • Jay

    Mally Says:
    February 15th, 2013 at 8:11 am
    Man holding a mic. Machinery, wooden drum, speaker with bass button- “PRESS”

  • Jay

    Krystle Says:
    February 17th, 2013 at 4:02 am
    Two pics of guys angry looking at their laptops, a guy knocked out in a boxing ring, and two hockey players????
    Answer- “UPSET”

  • Jay

    Marie Says:
    February 17th, 2013 at 4:06 am
    Can anyone help!? (Level 285 – on my phone)
    1- red lights 2- football with blue fire 3- multiple color spotlights 4- a spotlight!?? 7 letters from – S H E F P S C R F T E B.
    answer – “EFFECTS”

  • Jay

    key Says:
    February 17th, 2013 at 10:07 am
    I need help!!!! Girl with big black glasses making a funny face a boy making a funny face and girl with black piggy tails making a funnu face and a little girl making a sour face with a lemon in her hands 7letter word the 5th letter is A

    AnieLin Says:
    February 17th, 2013 at 2:25 pm
    I’m on 265; my pictures are:
    teen girl with puckered face & oversized horn-rimmed glasses, little boy sticking tongue out while doing “moose ears”, woman making strange cross-eyed and lip-contorted face(wearing pigtails), and a little girl making sour face holding a slice of fruit.
    Letters are IAMECS GRIHAR.
    Answer- GRIMMACE

  • Jay

    Bob Says:
    February 17th, 2013 at 11:44 am
    Level 272—on my phone. I know the levels are mixed up!!
    •A man with his eyes closed holding his hands out
    •A picture of really tasty-looking steak with some slim green stuff around it
    •Six different colored tags that are each labeled: L size, M size, S size, XXL size, XS size, and XL size
    •It’s kind of hard to describe, but there’s some pictures transitioning and what looks like a camera lens blurred in the right
    U V O I M M E T D I U F
    Extra clue:
    6 letters possible spaces to make the word.
    Additional note:
    I need help because I don’t want to sacrifice my coins to figure it out. I know there are much harder ones out there.
    Answer- MEDIUM

  • Jay

    Kylie Says:
    March 17th, 2013 at 9:13 pm
    Stuck on the one with the golfer, slice of cake, couple at computer & a teacher teaching kids
    Answer – COURSE

  • Jay

    @cheryl. Any progress with the chicks in a line, the chicken hatching the eggs, the two boys thinking, and the cartoon girl?

  • Gareth

    Plz help
    Im stuck on this:
    1. A girl wearing glasses
    2. A girl tasting a grapefruit
    3. A boy making a funny face
    4. A girl making a funny face
    The letters are…
    U Z I M H E
    R G K C R A.

  • Kuro

    @Jay: brood

  • dzireAkles

    Help? Something looks like a mcgridle on wheatbread, older man in a yellow cap& gow, looks like wine barrels &3 cartoon kids walkn lined up from bigggest to smallest one holding a soccer ball

  • dzireAkles

    Mature was the answer to my own ?

  • Karla

    Help 1. School clock
    2. A man holding a paper with strips
    3. A woman sitting on stairs
    4. A row of chairs contacted to tables
    5 letter word
    Here are the letters: CXPUNLVLHWFL
    Please help me thanks