4 Pics 1 Word Level 361 – 380 Answers

By | March 6, 2013

Figure out 4 pictures for 1 word easily with this 4 pics 1 word level 361 – 380 answers ! 20 more levels to get into level 400 for LOTUM GmbH game words solutions !

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answer list whats the answer of the words from 4 images and random letters :

361. driver : woman in car holding keys and card, bus driver, limo driver, girl driving fly
362. print : alphabet with uppercase and lowercase, paper with words, 3 rolls of yellow purple blue color, paper on rolls
363. weather : sun light and sunflowers, lightning bolts, frozen leaf, rain
364. stubble : man shaving, man lips, guy with lipstick, old man
365. sweeten : tea cup with sugar bottle, pouring sugar, honey on spoon, jar of honey
366. transit : gate, train tunnel, bus on river, white van
367. tumbler : pouring water, on off switch, girl split on rope, closed cup
368. stretch : railroad, stretch glove, 3 girls stretching, river
369. title : queen, daily news, 3 belt, knigge
360. stories : typewriter, book with light coming out, pressing 2nd floor, 2 little girl whisper


371. stop : stop red hand, connecting 2 cigarette, train subway map, bus stop
372. salty : sea water, salt, raw fish meat, potato chips
373. poker : purple, green and red poker chips, straight flus, 4 aces, man playing cards
374. poison : mushroom, holding snake on glass, skull sign on bottle, scorpion
375. spring : rocks on forest, grass and pink flowers, slinky, running shoes
376. copy : teeth mold, bad handwriting, boy and man shaving, printer
377. courage : knight, man moving on rope with hands and sharks below, cat and mouse, guy riding motor on rope
378. cross : cross on red flag, girl with hands on back, angry man with smoke blowing from ears, mother and boy crossing the street
379. spit : green chili pepper, silhouette of man blowing a fire, baby spitting up, beach and sky
380. crash : plane crash down, up and down chart graph, car crash, meteor and earth

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