4 Pics 1 Word Level 381 – 400 Answers

By | March 7, 2013

We’ve reached level 400 ! so make sure you have the latest update of LOTUM GmbH game words to see more pictures and words to guess with 🙂 here are the list of 20 levels of 4 pics 1 word level 381 – 400 answers !

you might find the list here random, so see the detail walkthrough of each picture explanation ! if you can’t find them here, try to look the previous 4 pics 1 word cheats

solution list whats the answer of the words from 4 images and random letters :

381. bubble : girl blowing bubbles, monkey, blue ball, blue bubble thought
382. transfer : wireless bluetooth icon, handcuffs, bus sign, printer
383. label : jeans, record CD, sale 50% discount 50%, papers
384. solo : black guy playing saxophone, guitar, pilot and airplane, man on bench
385. late : woman with clock, man pointing to his hand watch, dead person foot, girl waiting for train
386. grade : boooks and graduation hat, throwing graduation hat, A+, walking on chart
387. breach : waves, whale, rocks, torn net
388. brave : firefighter, knight, lion, people on concert
389. combine : puzzle piece, handbag shoes, chemicals and liquid, eggs on dough
390. jockey : man on horse racing, disk jockey, green DJ, horse


391. ghost : ghost in white sheet, ghost in forest, ghost cartoon, hands on window
392. snore : man snoring the woman closing her ears, guy sleepping on sofa, man snoring in bed, elephant
393. japan : sushi, fuji mountain, peace sign with red dot, japanese woman
394. staple : blue stapler, macaroni, surgeons, staples
395. repair : car mechanic in garage, grey duct tape, tools, cartoon of broken vase and glue
396. meal : wine glass, worms, food, people in restaurant
397. funny : 4 girls gossiping, woman with hair blows, laughing in movie theater, clown with red nose
398. frost : car tire in snow, snow on leaf, white tree and lake, snowflake
399. skin : woman cheek therapy massage, skin burn, cream on back body, pinch stomach
400. foam : woman bath playing bubble, foam in hair, cleaning hand, shaving

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