4 Pics 1 Word Level 451 – 480 Answers

By | March 29, 2013

I hope you don’t get bored with what’s the word LOTUM GmbH game, because there’s a lot of new levels to solve ! we have the solutions for the new pictures in 4 pics 1 word level 451 – 480 answers ! because of the random levels you must see the description of each picture and search them here !

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answer list whats the answer of the words from 4 images and random letters :

level 451 product : woman in store choosing what to buy, calculator and pen
level 452 timer : stopwatch, egg timer, hourglass, hand watch
level 453 detail : fruit seed, jeans, grasshopper, silhouette
level 454 faith : cartoon of man and woman, nun, hands pray, flags on tower
level 455 content : woman relaxing, panties inside cabinet, woman holding phone, couple at dinner
level 456 award : handshake, oscar trophy, 85 badge, man with trophy
level 457 tourist : blue orb with i, man photo girl with book, woman giving hotel key, woman with camera
level 458 weave : boxing, braid hair, fruits, woman on bike
level 459 cable : wires, green cable, electric wire
level 460 part : mirror, man holding hair, red gear and cogs, couple with heart break

level 461 solution : zebra, chemical glass, glasses pen paper, sudoku
level 462 grow : kid playing with baby, red graph with money, chart graphic green arrow, woman with black dress
level 463 queue : legs / pants, girl with headphone, book on machine, traffic jam
level 464 belt : satelite, black belt karate, seat belt, airport bag
level 465 premium : bottle of champange, orange car, 4 stars, dollars


level 466 union : people with signs, uk flag, stars on flag, wedding bouquet hands
level 467 genius : albert einstein, girl thinking, boy learning, baby with glasses
level 468 stunt : man jumping, explosion and red motor, stickman balance on wire, motorbike acrobat
level 469 good : thumbs up, finger on on smiling icon, girl smiling, green tick
level 470 extract : oil rig, bottles and green leaves, bottle

level 471 material : blue scissors, cloth, fabric, bald man singing on recording studio
level 472 dutch : pink flowers, bike, cheese, windmill
level 473 blanket : couple under bed sheet, snow white road, warmer and blanket, mountain and snow
level 474 oxygen : doctor giving a masker for operation, diving, o2, swimming
level 475 theatre : colosseum, spotlight, theatre, opera mask
level 476 boat : couple fishing, boat, beach, sea
level 477 primary : children on class, 1 red circle, putting paper on box, 3 color combined : red green blue
level 478 roller : yellow purple paper roll, woman painting wall, painting green wall, rolling machine
level 479 setting : hammer and wrench tool icon, forest
level 480 cargo : airplane, box crate, globe, bike, cardboard, ferry boat

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