4 Pics 1 Word Walkthrough Whats the Word

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Continue from the 4 pics 1 word solution here are the guide for what’s the word level 31 – 70 !

find out the answer list of lotum gmbh game on android device in these 4 pics 1 word walkthrough !

whats the answer for these random letters on whats the word :
31. soft : girl in snow, teddy bear, girl touching face, girl after bath
32. red : clown, grape, blood on tube, red hair girl
33. code : barcode, combination lock, black dressed ladies, magnifying glass lens “VIRUS”
34. down : feathers, pillow, red falling stock, downstairs
35. mix : color splash, pressing button, glass with color, color candies
36. tear : girl with tear, rope teared, paper in pieces, broken wall
37. loud : dog with headphone, woman shouting on man, rock concert, baby crying
38. morning : coffee, couple waking up, sun rising, bread
39. alarm : fire alarm, fire sign, guard dog, laser guarding safe
40. rock : mountain, rockstar, rock, baby sleeping

41. right : arrow sign, scale, green tick, A+
42. game : block game, chess, ball, playing console
43. sad : 2 girl with sad face, monkey, man thinking
44. row : rowing a boat, cinema seat, line of people
45. big : whale, kid, cleaning giant shoe, huge gift
46. card : paper card, credit card, map with pin, 3 aces
47. hiphop : girl dancing, man with hood, boy holding radio, fifty cent
48. rich : sack of money, big house, gold bar, yellow car
49. dry : corn, dessert, vegetables hanging, clothes hanging
50. can : 3 type of cans and 1 food


51. pull : a group pulling rope, man dragging, girl exercise, horse toy
52. vacuum : vacuum, pressure clock, girl cleaning car, sardine can
53. slow : racing snails, traffic jam, old couple, man pushing car
54. summer : palm tree, dog with umbrella, girl on pool, forest
55. lean : girl on chair, meat, girl with hand on head, man leaning on a tree
56. oil : food, color splash, fruit, spa massage
57. white : rose, car, snow, doctor
58. long : girl stretching, traffic jam, giraffe, long nails
59. round : earth, pregnant woman, yellow ball, basket ball
60. pole : iceberg, gymnastic girl, flag, cloud

61. cross : x mark, red cross on bag, crossing road, stone with cross symbol
62. fair : lady of justice, judge’s hammer, fairground ride, girl playing
63. heavy : elephant, weights, 2 mouse playing, man pulling cart
64. park : garden, road to building, girl getting a ticket, car parking
65. quiet : whispering, sleeping, shadow, girl with sshhh pose
66. plenty : screen, lot of white chair, flags, lot of people / crowds
67. cool : man on sweater, a boy with some clothes, block of ice cube, glass of water with lemon
68. wave : 2 waving hand, bird, and surfing waves
69. full : money in suitcase, beer, lot of vegetables and fruits on cart, fruit on crate
70. luck : 4 leaf clover, lucky horseshoe, stickies, 4 dice being rolled

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