94% Excuses For Being Late Cheat

By | May 16, 2015

Find all words related with 94% Excuses For Being Late cheat question ! Can you think things associated with 94 percent excuses for being late answers ?
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94% Excuses For Being Late
2% – Kids
29% – Traffic
13% – Car Broke Down
39% – Slept In
4% – Sick
7% – Missed The Bus

other questions in this 94% level :
94% Pilot on cockpit Picture :
Cockpit, Controls, Plane, Pilot

94% Things at the fair :
Tickets, Popcorn, Clowns, Funnel Cakes, Animals, Cotton Candy, Games, Rides

This 94% game combines Family Feud and Hidden Object games, sprinkled with a little Trivia Crack ! this is a very good game, its challenging yet not impossible and every level has such a varity of questions.