94% Game Solutions

By | February 24, 2015

All Levels of 94% Game Solutions Answers and Cheats for Android (google play) and iPhone (iOS) so you can solve all 94 percent 3 puzzle question with random level walkthrough list ! Play 94% today to find hundreds of questions with words, expressions and Pictures !
94% game by Scimob that also created 94 Seconds and 94 degrees. This game available in French, Spanish, German and portuguese language with name 94-percent, 94-prozent, 94-pourcent, 94-porciento and 94-porcento depending on your language.

here are the list of all 94 percent answers :

94% Level 1
Things you find in a pencil case:
pencil, pen, eraser, crayons (Android), ruler (iOS), sharpener, marker.

Fruits with seeds or pits:
apple, orange, peach, watermelon, cherry, plum, pear.

Picture keywords:
fire, water, hose, fireman, truck.

94% Level 2
First thing you do in the morning:
breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, alarm, wash, toilet, stretch, check phone.

Something that requires a ticket:
movie, concert, train, bus, plane, parking, game.

Picture keywords:
chalk, colors, school, board, draw, kid.

94% Level 3
Something everyone has played:
Video Games, Sports, Board Games, Cars, Tag, Hide and Seek.

Parts of a car:
Tire, Engine, door, steering wheel, window, bonnet, boot, bumper, brakes.

Picture keywords:
Wine, red, glass, drink, pour, alcohol.

94% Level 4
Job you wanted to do when you were a kid:
doctor, teacher, police officer, veterinarian, singer, firefighter, actor, astronaut, pilot

It’s round:
ball, circle, earth, orange, sun, head, moon.

Picture keywords:
onion, pepper, healthy, cry, cooking.

94% Level 5
It smells good:
food, perfume, flower, soap, candle, clean laundry

friends, photos, social, status, messenger, like, blue, share (Android), Wall (iOS).

Picture keywords:
record, music, old, needle, player, spin.

94% Level 6
It’s yellow:
banana, sun, flower, duck, lemon, tennis ball, bee, corn.

Words used by the weatherman:
rain, sun, cloud, hot, storm, cold, wind, temperature.

Picture keywords:
alarm, late, time, wake up, bed.

94% Level 7
Equipment used by Indiana Jones:
Whip, Hat, gun, knife, bag, boots, torch, map.

It brings bad luck:
black cat, ladder, mirror, umbrella, salt, friday 13th.

Picture keywords:
fire, match, burn, flame, hot.

94% Level 8
It gets dirty quickly:
shoes, laundry, house, car, hands, kids, dishes.

It’s soft:
pillow, hair, blanket, cotton, teddy bear, cloud, feather.

Picture keywords:
coffee, mug, tea, tea, morning.

94% Level 9
It grows quickly:
plant, people, hair, nails, mold.

Exotic fruit:
pineapple, kiwi, mango, star fruit, banana, papaya, dragon fruit, coconut, guava.

Picture keywords:
fries, fast food, salt, fat, potato.

94% Level 10
Things that go around:
earth, merry go round, wheel, ball, roundabout, clock.

String instruments:
violin, guitar, cello, harp, bass, piano.

Picture keywords:
handshake, deal, business, meeting.

94% Level 11
Percussion Instruments:
Drum, cymbal, triangle, xylophone, maraca.

money, vault, teller, card, robber, loan, account, atm.

Picture keywords:
art, picture, museum, painting, gallery, woman.

94% Level 12
It’s itchy:
rash, bug bite, wool, clothes, chicken pox, lice.

DIY tools:
hammer, saw, drill, screwdriver, nail, wrench, glue.

Picture keywords:
Formula , race, fast, driver, track.

94% Level 13
Things you can dilute:
juice, water, bleach, alcohol, salt, sugar, coffee, acid.

Las Vegas:
gambling, casino, money, lights, USA, desert, weddings.

Picture keywords:
Vacation, beach, suitcase, sign, blue, sun.

94% Level 14
It’s useful for the elderly:
cane, wheelchair, glasses, love, hearing aid, dentures, medicine.

Noise heard in a city:
cars, people, sirens, trains, barking, construction, music.

Picture keywords:
jellyfish, ocean, sting, orange, tentacles.

94% Level 15
A dangerous job:
police, firefighter, army, construction, miner, pilot, lion tamer, stuntman, electrician.

It makes you happy:
food, family, love, animals, friends, sun, money, music, sports.

Picture keywords:
cheetah, fast, spots, wild, africa.

94% Level 16
It produces heat:
oven, sun, fire, heater, lamp, body.

Something you can no longer live without :
food, phone, water, family, love, air, internet, friends.

Picture keywords:
warm, winter, coffee, tea, cup.

94% Level 17
tent, fire, marshmallows, outdoors, sleeping bag, family , friends.

It makes you feel better when you are sick:
medicine, Sleep, soup, love, drink, warmth.

Picture keywords:
Jesus, Rio, statue, Brazil.

94% Level 18
A good place to party:
house, club, beach, bar, pool, park.

teeth, pain, filling, drill, clean, braces, chair.

Picture keywords:
plane, sky, dream, child, fly.

94% Level 19
Objects that have a screen:
Phone, computer, television, tablet, GPS.

Tools used for gardening:
shovel, hoe, rake, fork, shears, watering can, lawn mower.

Picture keywords:
snoring, loud, sleep, annoying, bed, tired

94% Level 20
Types of music:
rock, pop, rap, country, jazz, classical, dance, reggae.

Things used by a police officer:
gun, handcuffs, car, baton, taser, badge, flashlight, radio.

Picture keywords:
laptop, glasses, work, office, mouse

94% Level 21
It’s red:
blood, apple, tomato, fire truck, stop, strawberry, pepper, rose.

It makes you laugh:
joke, comedian, friend, clown, tickle, people falling.

Picture keywords:
pasta, tomato, cheese, Italian, fork.

94% Level 22
Parts of an airplane:
Wing, Engine, Cockpit, Tail, Landing Gear, Seats, Nose, Window.

Something you do before you go to bed:
Brush, Teeth, Shower, Pajamas, Pee, TV, Brush, Hair, Read.

Picture keywords:
Cactus, Desert, Hot, Dry, Mountain.

94% Level 23
Addition, Subtraction, Algebra, Multiplication, Division, Hard, Numbers, School.

Popcorn, Cinema, Comedy, Action, Horror, Actor, Film.

Picture keywords:
Hat, Mexico, Gold, Fiesta, Sun.

94% Level 24
Children Love It:
Toys, Candy, Games, Ice, Cream, Animals, Parents.

Countries involved in WWII:
Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Soviet Union, Italy, France.

Picture keywords:
Stress, Work, Frustration, Anger.

94% Level 25
People Collect Them:
Coins, Stamps, Cards, Books, Cars, Rocks, Dolls.

Pregnant Woman:
Baby, Parent, Belly, Birth, Craving, Hormonal, Glowing.

Picture keywords (Pills):
Medicine, Sick, Pain, Doctor.

94% Level 26
Countries in South America:
Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay.

It’s Slow:
Turtle, Traffic, Computer, Snail, Sloth.

Picture keywords (Logs):
Wood, Tree, Log, Deforestation, Forest, Fog.

94% Level 27
Animals hatched from eggs:
Bird, Turtle, Snake, Fish, Crocodile, Platypus.

James Bond:
Sexy, 007, Action, Spy, Girls, Car, Suit, Movie, Gun.

Picture keywords (Chalkboard):
School, Math, Chalk, Board, Einstein, Hard.

94% Level 28
I Wish My Boyfriend/Girlfriend was more…
Loving, Funny, Outgoing, Understanding, Sexy, Romantic, Intelligent, Happy, Honest.

Herbivorous Animals:
Cow, Horse, Giraffe, Deer, Sheep, Goa,t Elephant, Panda, Rabbit.

Picture keywords (Elephant):
Elephant, Mud, Family, Water, Africa, Trunk, Wild.

94% Level 29
Sounds Animals Make:
Woof, Moo, Meow, Baa, Oink.

It’s Good Cooked but not Raw:
Vegetables, Rice, Pasta, Eggs, Meat, Fish.

Picture keywords (Bee):
Bee, Pollen, Flower, Honey, Purple, Spring.

94% Level 30
It Weighs Over a Ton:
Building, Plane, Elephant, Car, Whale, Hippopotamus, Boat.

Make Up:
Powder, Lipstick, Mascara, Eye, Shadow, Foundation, Eye, Liner.

Picture keywords (Pizza):
Yummy, Olive, Pizza, Cheese, Pepperoni, Italian.

94% Level 31
It’s Sweet:
Fruit, Ice, Cream, Candy, Cake, Soda, Chocolate, Sugar, Honey.

Things Associated with Brazil:
Soccer, Beach, Rio, Carnival, Hot, Dancing, Women.

Picture keywords (Massage):
Relax, Spa, Massage, Lotion.

94% Level 32
Directions, Car, Map, Travel, Navigation, Satellite, Lost.

Whiskers, Purr, Meow, Fur, Mouse, Dog, Kitten, Claws.

Picture keywords (EGGS):
Brown, Egg, Chicken, Three, Breakfast, Shell, Oval.

94% Level 33
Something found in the living room:
Sofa, Table, TV, Lamp, Carpet.

Payment Methods:
Credit, Card, Check, PayPal, Cash, Wire.

Picture keywords (Picnic):
Family, Fun, Food, Friends, Picnic.

94% Level 34
Green Vegetables:
Peas, Beans, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cucumber, Spinach, Peppers, Asparagus, Cabbage.

It’s Forbidden on a Plane:
Shouting, Weapons, Smoking, Lighter.

Picture keywords (VolksWagen):
Van, Vacation, Summer, Beach, Hippie, Palm, Trees.

94% Level 35
Adjectives to describe height:
giant, tiny, huge, short, small, tall.

Things you see in the sky:
planes, stars, sun, clouds, birds, moon.

Picture keywords:
school, hand, teacher, answer, stydent.

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