94% Something You Need on A Desert Island Cheat

By | May 13, 2015

Find all words related with 94% something you need on a desert island cheat question ! Can you think things associated with 94 percent something you need on a desert island answers ?
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94% Something you need on a desert island
34% Food
29% Water
13% Shelter
5% Friend
4% Clothes
4% Phone
3% Fire
1% Boat
1% Knife

other questions in this 94% level :
94% Clown holding Balloons Picture
Clown, Balloons, Scary, Colorful, Party

94% Very slow animals
Turtle, Snail, Sloth, Slug, Koala

This 94% game combines Family Feud and Hidden Object games, sprinkled with a little Trivia Crack ! this is a very good game, its challenging yet not impossible and every level has such a varity of questions.

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