Cityville UFO Alien Landing Goals

Repair the UFO in cityville alien landing goals and reunite the alien family to welcome them as permanent residents ! To reunite the Aliens, with their Ship you will need to expand to each of the 4 Aliens. You will find them in various areas in your city. mission 1: seeking lifeforms goal – repair alien family’s ufo… Read More »

Cityville The Mane Event Mission Pony Circus

Join The Pony Circus in cityville the mane event mission ! Saddle up the pony express so you don’t miss the mane event at the Pony Circus! GOAL: JOIN THE PONY CIRCUS! I heard that one of the ponies is going to be shot out of a cannon. I’ll pay anything to see a horse fly! It looks… Read More »

Cityville Ranch Dressing Missions Pony Ranch

Giddyup to the Pony Ranch in cityville ranch dressing missions! Build a complete Pony Ranch for your citizens and earn 1,000,000 coins!! GOAL: PLAY THE PONIES there material links is not available 😐 though the xml name is available : material_red_pony : Prancing Pony material_purple_pony : Rainbow Pony material_black_pony : Ebony Pony material_white_pony : Silver Pony material_pink_pony :… Read More »

Cityville Color Geyser Missions Links

Restore The Geyser in cityville color geyser missions ! Place a Color Geyser in your city so you can restore it and start working toward earning one million coins! This geyser has been covered with dirt for years. It’s time for you to restore it to its natural beauty! Come on! Let’s go! quest requirements : goal 1:… Read More »