Adventure World Ancient Forge Quest + Rare Crystals Problem

By | December 6, 2011

Hidden treasure, Flowing Lava and Crystal Shards await you in the Adventure World Ancient Forge Quest. But what happened to Indy?

travel to a bubbling volcano to help indy, play the ancient forge expedition !

the rewards up to : 3000 coins + 3 water
to start it requires : 400 supplies + 2 foods + 2 fuels + 2 waters

here are the walkthrough guide to finish this expedition with indiana jones :

the celestial compass quest
– collect 30 rare crystals
– use a crystal block to push it onto the switch
– use the ancient forge to craft the celestial compass
tips : pushing a block to a switch will open the way

many players got problems with the rare crystals, the 2 crystal rocks on the cliff can’t be collected.

solution from mariellen :
you need to find the blocks with crystals that have a small lightning type at the end of the path (far right side of the map)
after you push the blocks over the little lightning design, the blocks will drop and down to the paths below and shatter, then you need to go back down and collect the shards

raiding party quest
– investigate crates (10)
– collect spare parts (10)
tips : raid the mining camps for important items

forrestal’s motive quest
– ask for journal pages (15)
– recover forrestal’s journal
tips : forrestal’s journal and its pages are scattered

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