Adventure World Danger Mine Expedition Quest

By | September 29, 2011

Prepare 1000 supplies, 5 foods, fuels and waters to start adventure world danger mine expedition

time allowed to finish all quests : 1 day
and the rewards you can get up to : 3250 coins and 3 fuel

in this area you can find a new skull puzzle that must be press in order so you can collect some vases that worth for coins !

requirements for the missions are :

crates of boom quest
– get the first crate of tnt
– get the second crate of tnt
– get the third crate of tnt

to find each crate you need to explore the map, click show me to find the position of each crate

mush rooms quest
– clear mushroom colonies (15)

tips : you need to have some dynamite from the tool shop to blow up some boulders that getting in your way to clearing the mushroom, also click show me to find where the mushroom colonies are

back on track quest
– collect track fragments (5)
– repair broken tracks (5)

you must repair some tracks, or you might see “can’t get there!” warning
to see the track fragments position use show me button

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