Adventure World Day 9 Nine Spiders Biting Quest Mine Cart Stuck

By | December 24, 2011

To get a wearable santa jacket you must play adventure world day 9 : nine spiders biting quest

the task requirements is quite easy, but there’s a problem with killing black widow spiders with minecart 🙁

some players got stuck with cart blocking the way and can’t get back to center of the map
pic thx to Vasiliki_Geo
and also some players stuck inside a trap with the 2 carts, they already kill the spider inside but the walls havent got down + there is 1 spider waiting outside the walls.

how to fix this glitch ?
you need to post your facebook uid on the forum thread : stuck in 9 spiders biting (day 9), and they already marked this as known issue.. so maybe you’ll see it fixed on next update

quest walkthrough guide :
– ask friends for candy canes (12)
– place candy canes in the holiday boxes (12)
– defeat black widow spiders (9)