Adventure World Emily’s Zoology Tent Parts Links

By | January 12, 2012

Help emily build adventure world emily’s zoology tent !
so you can collect wild animals from expeditions and place them on your base camp ! also we provide you the guide for this feature, read below 🙂

after you put the building then you must collect parts, how to find materials :
– play the new map adventure : scientific survey where parts will drop randomly
– purchase parts
– ask friends for part, we have the request parts links here :
food bowl link
cuddlebug link
chew toy link
pooper scooper link

finishing the tent earns you the ability to collect animals from maps !

Upon the completing of the tent, you will get a new gadget : the flute !
This Flute will be needed, because once you come across these animals on the Elusive Ocelot expedition and other future maps, you will need to charm them in order to bring them back to your Base Camp.
place roosevelt the monkey on your base camp to feed him
play these maps to get the new animals :
– complete cat tracks on the elusive ocelot expedition
– shave llamas on the great river expedition
– defeat snakes on the snake den expedition

You’ll need to get Jungle Feed for the animals to bring them back to a happy state- and you can get Feed by playing the Zoology Maps that have an animal on them or by asking your friends and neighbors.

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