Adventure World Give Mask To Zoey Or Trip

By | November 14, 2011

On the last part of last stand expedition : final decision quest you need to choose zoey or trip, because they compete over the mask

so decide who will keep the mask by talk to trip or zoey

now here’re the different rewards you’ll get on base camp when you choose each person :

if you choose zoey :
“thank you for the mask. it’s return should help the society. if you find a good place for my snake enclosure, i’ll stay.”

zoey’s snake enclosure
– place midas’s habitat on your base camp

if you choose trip :
“now that i’m a world famous hunter, i feel i need to display the mask on the base camp. imagine the photo ops!”

trip’s mask statue
– place the statue of the mask on your base camp

if you want to have both, just replay the expedition 🙂

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