Adventure World Jungle Approach Quest

By | November 30, 2011

First Expedition for indiana jones calendar of sun is here : adventure world jungle approach quest ! let’s take a look for each quest requirements in this walkthrough guide 🙂


adventure with indy quest
– use 3 statue trap disarms
– use 2 spear trap disarms
– clear 4 snakes for indy
– investigate the standing stone

tips : you must work together with indy to progress forward ! click show me to find each task location

pull the switch to disarm the trap, and indy will cross it, pick things up for you, and show you another use for your whip !

use your whip to cross the chasm

don’t forget to pick up the grappling hook

and of course the boulder 😛

look for certain plants to open second quest

out of time quest
– recover the extinct flower
– recover the extinct fern
– recover the extinct shrub

tips : the 3 extinct flora are all off the beaten path

click supply crate to open quest number 3

why’d it have to be snakes quest
– open the society supply crate
– ask for rubber stoppers (8)
– use snake burrows to apply rubber stoppers (8)

tips : ask for rubber stoppers to plug up the snake burrows

don’t forget to explore the hidden treasure caverns on locked hatch

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