Adventure World Jungle Approach Spear Trap Stuck

By | November 30, 2011

The calendar of the sun just released today and many players got problem with adventure world jungle approach expedition, where there’s a spear trap stuck and you unable to cross bridge “can’t get there” to continue 🙁

how to disarm this spears trap ?

i look on the forum and many players got the same problem :
“When Indy should use the switch to disarm the traps, there was a ‘oops, lost the connection’ message and when I reloaded nothing happens..”

“I think Indy was supposed to activate a switch he’s standing near to disarm this trap, but it hasn’t happened. I can’t chop the spears or get past them in any way.”

“A snake knocked me into the statute which disarmed the spears. The switch to deactivate is actually across the bridge in front of it but broke when the spears disarmed. The last message from Indy was that he is stuck and do I see a disarm? I am guessing that once across the stuck spears, there is another to get Indy moving again.”

some players got a solution, but i think they talk about other traps ?
“You have to use your whip on the dragon statue. Stand back and click on it, your whip will grab the statue and swing you across.”

“Get to the big silver ball, chop the bush right behind it then push the ball.”

You can see where Indy is standing in the image. The switch behind him lights up when i move the cursor over it, so it has not been activated yet.
I’ve clicked on the green statue and everything else I can reach.

and the good news is the adventure world team already know this problem
Which will be sometime today… hold tight.

so just wait until this get fixed by adventure world itself 🙂

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  • Shannon

    still not fixed

  • Wendy

    I am also stuck in lunar moon behind spears………..HELP PLEASE!!!! almost done time is running out.

  • Wendy

    Sorry meant Lunar Mine!!