Adventure World Jungle Run Expedition Quest

By | September 11, 2011

Third expedition that you can unlock after level 5 : adventure world jungle run expedition ! you will have 2 days to finish the quest and the rewards up to 880 coins + 1 fuel

to start this expedition requires :
– 150 supplies
– 1 food
– 1 fuel
– 1 water

get to the finish quest
– get the first champion’s sunstone
– get the second champion’s sunstone
– get the third champion’s sunstone
– get the fourth champion’s sunstone

click show me for each sunstone~

clear the obstacles quest
– clear 5 sprung spike traps
– use banana peels to clean up


take a breather quest
– investigate 3 hidden rest stops
– get 3 azure skulls
– get 5 ruby vases
– ask friends for 3 fly swatters

tips :
look behind the clouds for the rest stop
click show me to locate azure skull and ruby vase
you need to request for fly swatter

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