Adventure World Last Stand Quest

By | November 13, 2011

Get rewards up to 2000 coins + 3 foods in adventure world last stand quest

to start this expedition requires :
– have 450 supplies
– have 2 foods
– have 2 fuels
– have 2 waters

defend your self against hostile beasts as you fight your way up the village on the hill

walkthrough guide for each mission requirements :

appease the beasts quest
– collect 3 stone slabs
– collect 3 buckets of mortar
– rebuild the altar of the hunter
– place the mask of the hunter on the altar

tips : the villagers keep building materials in storehouses

you’ll want to pick up some wood pile first for second quest

and stay out quest
– use 3 stink bombs
– collect 12 wood piles
– ask 18 friends for barbed wire
– build 6 barricades at the village gates

tips : look for barricade materials near village gates and in storehouses

to craft stink bomb on zoey’s tent you’ll need to ask for:
10 stink weed + 10 stink gourd

equip it and place them on the ground
the stink bomb acts as a wall for a certain number of moves

click powder keg and it’ll pop up last part of the goal

blow the bridges quest
– collect6 powder kegs
– use 3 powder kegs on the stone bridges
– use 3 plungers to blow up the bridges

tips : raid storehouses to find powder kegs

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