Adventure World Lunar Mine Quest

By | December 2, 2011

Third expedition for calender of the sun series : adventure world lunar mine quest ! where the rewards up to 1550 coins + 1 water

to start this expedition requires :
250 supplies
2 foods
2 fuels
2 waters

collect strange ore to forge the villains in the process !

strange ore quest
– ask for 10 stone cogs
– use seismograph machines to find strange ore (5)
– collect strange ore (15)
tips : each seismograph needs 2 stone cogs

there’s already a problem where you can’t kill spiders (whipping)
“I’ve just started the mine, am across the first bridge and have tried to kill the spider. Doesn’t work. It gets marked blue but thats all.
I’ve tried to recruit a neighbout to kill it for me, but that doesn’t work either. If I try to move away the spider will follow me, bite me and take energy. I’ve emptied my cache and tried again. Didn’t help.”

must wait until they fix this problem 🙁
the adventure world team already noticed this problem
“Okay guys, this is known, and should be fixed with the next release. In the meantime, switching to English (click the globe in the upper right corner of the screen) will fix it so you can continue.”

look for bundle of telegrams on the floor to pop second mission

the competition quest
– ask for ciphers (10)
– use telegrams to translate with ciphers (5)
– use radios to intercept transmissions (5)
tips : each telegram needs 2 ciphers

to pop 3rd goal, look for ancient incan vase

out of time quest
– collect the ancient marajoara vase
– collect the ancient conquistador armor
– collect pristine marajoara vase
– collect pristine conquistador armor
hint : look for peculiar artifacts

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