Adventure World Mask of the Hunter Quest

By | November 9, 2011

There’s a new character on your base camp, you will need zoey’s help in adventure world mask of the hunter quest ! build her a tent

after you put the tent, later it will need upgrade

now let’s take a look on the quests first :

mask of hunter 1 quest
– place zoey hugo
– place zoey’s tent
– build zoey’s tent
– start the temple of the mask

there are 4 parts

and when you progress the quest, “Mask of the Hunter 3” mission cannot be completed, because the “Jungle Hunt” expedition is coming soon

to build zoey’s tent you’ll need :
5 cancas
5 animal skin
5 antler
10 fine rug
10 snake cage
10 sharping stone

try to tend zoeys tent on neighbor’s basecamp to get these parts

Once Zoey’s Tent is built, you can then begin “crafting” new beastie Gadgets : Spider Bait and Siren
Upon receiving the craft items, you can make and use the new Gadgets. These new Gadgets are necessary to complete Temple of the Mask.

Spider Bait – simply place the Spider Bait down and distract them while you grab the treasure and run. This can be used on any map and with any Spider.
Siren – use the Siren to wake up the Sleeping Tapirs so that they move out of your way

and coming soon 2 other items :
jaguar bait
stink bomb

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