Adventure World Mountain Pass Expedition Quest

By | September 29, 2011

After finishing jungle run you can go to the 4th expedition ! To start adventure world mountain pass expedition you will need 250 supplies, and 2 units each of food, fuel and water

you only have 1 day to finish all quest and the rewards up to :
1050 coins and 1 water

there are 3 missions, let’s see all the mountain pass quests requirements :

survey the pass quest
– plant the first trail marker
– plant the second trail marker
– plant the third trail marker
– plant the fourth trail marker

tips : click show me to see where the place for each marker remember there are many clous that blocking your view, so you must walk through it first and plant survey flags in flag stands


clear the pass quest
– disarm spear traps (2)
– clear bushes (4)
– clear mountain shrubs (4)

hint : look for hidden trap disarm switches

make the pass safe quest
– defeat bushmaster snakes (4)

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