Adventure World Mystery Of The Moon Door Quest

By | December 1, 2011

Click the map screen on indy : calender of the sun series and select the second expedition : adventure world mystery of the moon door quest !

the rewards up to 735 coins + 1 fuel and to start this mission requires you to have :
150 supplies, 1 food, 1 fuel and 1 water

learn what it takes to get inside the moon temple for the calendar’s lunar component !

some puzzle trap in this expedition :

let me in quest
– investigate the skeletons outside the door (3)
– ask friends for compass rose seeds (16)
– use fertile soil to plant compass rose seeds (8)
– use compass markers to learn how to build a celestial compass (4)

tips :
ask friends for compass rose seeds
click show me to point the item location

click the rare bird to start second mission

out of time quest :
– investigate the dodo bird
– investigate the red-throated wood rail bird
– investigate the great auk bird

tips : look near the compass stones

to get the red vase you need to push stone block to raise step

click on the abandoned camp to start 3rd mission

the competition quest
– investigate the abandoned camp
– investigate the campfire
– recover the lost book

tips : click ‘show me’ button 😛 you’ll find it near to each other

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