Adventure World Ram Runner Expedition Quest

By | September 29, 2011

You will see new animal : ram in adventure world ram runner expedition ! to start, it requires 700 supplies have 2 for each foods, fuels and waters

for this expedition you only have 4 hours to finish all quests, yeah so little time because the quest are easy 🙂 you only need to watch out for Rams

the rewards you can get up to :
1800 coins + 3 water

claim the ram stein quest
– get the ram stein

this is the main mission, just like your first expedition : treasure trail where you will find the ram stein in the end of your journey, just be careful with the traps and rams because they got 8 hit points, some of them hidden behind the clouds.

so my tips is use the crew to help you defeating the rams, so you’ll have enough energy to finish other quest and always be prepared with energy !


collect ruby vases quest
– get ruby vases (2)

collect jade vases quest
– get jade vases (5)

click ‘show me’ button to see where the vases located

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