Adventure World Snake Marsh Expedition Quest

By | September 11, 2011

Second expedition that you can unlock after reach level 4 is adventure world snake marsh expedition, it requires you to have 50 supplies, 1 food, 1 fuel, and 1 water (you can find these items from your / neighbors base camp)

there are 3 quest that you can finish, but before that.. when you look around this map is covered with clouds and when you move on it will gone

also you might find these shadow man – click to add crew members to help!
you can ask your friends for help so they can become your crew and help your around this expedition (killing snakes and other things)

a place to call home quest
– plant 3 rare orange flowers
– plant 3 rare pink flowers
– plant3 rare blue flowers

look for mound of fertile soil to plant flower

snake master quest
– clear 3 wiggling bushes
– defeat 3 quick snakes
– get 5 ruby vases


dislike spikes quest
– clear 10 bushes
– disarm or clear the yellow spike traps
– disarm or clear the green spike traps
– disarm or clear the blue spike traps


well this quests easy too, i won’t spoiled the fun 🙂 play it now !

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