Adventure World Temple of The Moon Stuck on Pillar

By | December 6, 2011

A new expedition map just released : adventure world temple of the moon and like the other indy maps it got so many bugs this time 🙁

if you’re stuck at the very beginning, got the doors opened &
there’s a blue block in the middle door blocking that way in, and trying to get to the camp
you need to collect the concrete from friends that will be used to fix the pedestal compass. Then you need to go to the set of doors to the right, use all the pendalums to choose which door to open, then push the blue block into that doorway and the wall in front of the camp comes down.
Once that has been done it will “light” the way for you. Stay on the yellow bricks as you walk.

here’s the detail walkthrough from CindyHuxley:
Step out from the gap in the wall opposite the floating island with the locked hatch. You will find you are standing on a golden brick, click on the front of that brick and another appears – you make your way doing this. The path zig-zags – I think its 3 forward, then 3 side etc.
Its best done when you don’t have any energy then if you miss a step and get hit you don’t lose anything.
If you miss a step go one back and then try another direction.
In the treasure room you have the same problem, you build the path as you go, step by step and missing one means a hit.

if you’re stuck on pillar like at Torso Spot – Raised in the air on a platform.. then you must go to Customer Support and ask them to release you.

khoee find a problem here :
DO not collect those vases on Temple of the moon
I have done a survey with my friends and we realized that those who just pick up the needed items for the statue will not be stuck at the pillar. DO NOT collect those vases it will re-activate the pillar to rise up again and there is not way that you can hire a crew because once you hire the crew will be at the same place at where you are and also you will be able to hire, there is no room for your crew to stand.

zynga already mark this problem as known issue on the forum, so let’s just hope they will fix all the glitch on next update -.-

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  • Anon

    If you’re stuck on the pillar, how do you contact Customer Support?

  • joy

    i am in last part but i cannot pass in last block what will i do?