Adventure World The Crash Site Quest

By | November 19, 2011

Cargo hunt maps is here look for the adventure society plane and collect the scattered cargo ! start with adventure world the crash site that rewards up to 500 coins + 3 fuel

to start this expedition you’ll need to:
– have 700 supplies
– have 2 foods
– have 2 fuels
– have 2 waters

you will see the first mission when entering 🙂

recover the cargo quest
– defeat the bushmaster snakes (2)
– speak to the pilot
– recover zoey’s supply crate

tips : click ‘show me’ to know position for each task

plant the flares quest
– ask friends for 3 flares
– place a flare on the first peak
– place a flare on the second peak
– place a flare on the third peak

tips : look the position on top of each hill

click the fire extinguisher to start last part

only you can prevent jungle fires quest
– find professor mcgillicuddy’s fire extinguishcator
– extinguish 10 fires

tips : click show me to find location of 10 fire