Adventure World The Haunted Village Quest

By | October 29, 2011

First halloween maps released in adventure world the haunted village quest ! click the map and find out what is spooking the villagers

the haunted village expedition
time limit : 4 days
rewards up to : 1000 coins + 1 food

Villagers living near a graveyard and mausoleum have reported missing persons, they also mumbled something about sickly green spiders ! no matter how strange we must investigate.

to start expedition it requires :
250 supplies
2 foods
2 fuels
2 wartErs

you can have 5 bonus crew, ask friends to help you

part 1 : investigate the haunted village quest
– collect missing gravestone pieces from spiders (6)
– repair 6 gravestones
– investigate the mausoleum
hint : slow undead spiders will drop a gravestone pieces


part 2 : something spooked the villagers quest
– ask for smelly socks (0)
– use 2 pair of smelly sock on villagers to revive them (5)
hint : are smelly socks potent enough to revive the dazed villagers ?


part 3 : undead spiders quest
– defeat 35 undead spiders
– clear webs (5)
hint : one hit from your whip will always knock them out!

and in case you wonder where how to get the red vase on the middle, use the puzzle key here :

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