Adventure World The Jungle Hunt Quest

By | November 13, 2011

Expedition for adventure world the jungle hunt quest now available after long-awaited ! the rewards up to 1900 coins and 3 water

to start this expedition requires :
– have 450 supplies
– have 2 foods
– have 2 fuels
– have 2 waters

pray you’re not a jaguar’s prey as you escape the jungle in pursuit of the hunter’s mask !

you’ll start the first mission when start this expedition, here are the task :

escape the jungle quest
– use 3 jaguar bait from your gadget inventory
– use 4 monkey kongs to knock them out with the whip
– find the mouth of the mask of the hunter

tips :
craft gadgets to bait animals and whip monkey kongs to stun them.
to craft jaguar bait you’ll need :
10 can of tuna and 10 bottle of milk

how to use jaguar bait :
find the bait on gadgets inventory and equip it, then place it

kitty care quest
– collect 3 milk
– use 3 jaguar cubs to help them

tips : abandoned campsites may have just what you need!

you’ll need to find milk first then the cubs, beware of enraged jaguar when you help jaguar cub 😛

the prey of the mask quest
– ask 12 for bottles of black ink
– use wolly mammoth bones to apply black ink
– use sabre-tooth bones to apply black ink

tips : look through campsites for extra black ink!

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