Adventure World The Snake Den Quest

By | November 19, 2011

Looks like parts of the crashed pland and its cargo landed further away in the jungle, so we must go through to adventure world the snake den that rewards up to 1450 coins + 3 water

this expedition requires :
– 700 supplies
– 2 foods
– 2 fuels
– 2 waters

recover more lost cargo from a dangerous snake den!

snake hunt quest
– defeat snakes (10)
– collect oil drums
– collect food pallet

guide tips for snake den puzzle :
you must press the switchplates with square pattern

great white quest
– defeat great white
– collect purple crate
– collect jade vases (5)

seal it up quest
– collect 8 tnt from snakes
– place 4 tnt near snake den entrance
– ask for 15 detonator caps
– use plunger to seal the snake den

don’t forget to check 2 hidden treasure !

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