Adventure World Trail Of Fire Quest

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Start the journey to crypt led in this dark volcano map to get coatls eye ruby : adventure world trail of fire quest requires :
250 supplies
2 foods
2 fuels
2 waters

expedition quest rewards up to :
1950 coins + 1 fuel

missions :

part 1 : recover the ruby quest
- extinguish the first ceremonial fire
- extinguish the second ceremonial fire
- extinguish the third ceremonial fire
- recover the coatl’s eye gem

tips :
learn where to push the block

now find the gems here on the map :

pull the snake’s tongue to start second mission

part 2 : counter ritual quest
- use the snake switch to get the lava flowing (2)
- ask friends for shed snake skins (10)
- add the shed snake skins to the cauldron
hint : you’ll need ingreedients and help for the potion

location of the snake switch and cauldron :

now to pop the third mission you need to flip one of the switches

part 3 : glyph of good fortune quest
- activate the first green switch
- activate the second green switch
- activate the yellow switch
- activate the red switch

here are the locations :

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