Adventure World Treasure Trail Expedition Quest

By | September 11, 2011

Get your first adventure world treasure trail expedition ! for this expeditions it requires you to have at least 600 supplies (you can get it from boat contract or quest rewards)

you will have 3 days to finish treasure trail expeditions and the rewards up to 600 coins 🙂

here are some quests that you can find from treasure trail expedition, remember to watch out for snakes and traps 🙂

find the azure skull quest
– recover the rare azure skull
this is the first mission, click show me to look where the azure skull position and look on the ancient puzzle


you must follow which statue to click first by triggering the small statue here

gather the ruby vases quest
– get at least 3 ruby vases

tips : click show me to find the position of each ruby vase


gather the jade vases quest
– get at least 5 jade vases

tips : click show me to find the position of each ruby vase, also some jade vase may be hidden under tree so look for it carefully 🙂

easy quests 😀 next expedition : snake marsh

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