Adventure World Upgrade Ruins Site

By | December 6, 2011

Upgrade your ruins site ! old buildings have new possibilities, with adventure world upgrade ruins site you can get some great rewards !

By upgrading ruins site (Ruins, Ziggurat, Serpent and Column sites) you will also be able to receive rewards – Energy, Goods, Supplies, or Gadgets – which will help you with your game-play.

currently there are 4 levels for the ruins site with different rewards :
level 1 : 550 coins every day
level 2 : 250 xp every day
level 3 : 500 xp every day
level 4 : 1000 xp every day

there’s also 1 mission on your base camp for this :
excavate the ruins site quest
– collect from the ruins site
– upgrade the ruins site to level 2
– collect from the ruins site (level 2)

tips : purchase an expansion from the build menu to unlock the ruins site

to complete each upgrade you’ll need materials @10 for each parts :
– broom
– transit
– stake
– clip
– string
– yard stick

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