Adventure World Windmill Materials Links

By | February 17, 2012

Interested in increasing your daily energy cap? Have you placed the Adventure World Windmill on your Base Camp yet?

Every consecutive day you play, your energy capacity goes up +1 (up to +12)

By placing and building the Windmill on your Base Camp you will have the ability to increase your daily Energy Cap from 30 to a possible 42 Energy – an increase of 12 Energy. This is accomplished with daily visits to your Windmill to tend it with Supplies.

You can place the windmill at your base camp on level 6. Once placed, you can build and upgrade the Windmill by collecting building parts :
– metal blade
– wooden trestle
– drive shaft
– spur gear
– weather vane
– small pump

Parts can be collected a number of different ways. You can either ask your friends for the parts by sending requests, you can find parts on maps like the Crash Site or as always, you can purchase parts with Adventure World cash.

material request links :
drive-shaft-link wooden-trestle-link weather-vane-link

Once you complete First Level of the Windmill, you will be granted +1 to your daily Energy Cap (31). You will then need to keep the Windmill running by supplying goods to it each day.

Once the Windmill reaches Level 2 and begins to work, Supplies are required to keep it operational on a daily basis. For every consecutive day that you tend to your Windmill and keep it operational, you will increase your Energy Cap by +1 until you reach 34 energy.

Specific requirements for each level :
Level 2 – You can increase your daily energy cap from 31 to 34. This requires you to tend your Windmill with Supplies for 4 consecutive days. If you miss a day, your new Energy Cap will drop for each day missed until you are back to 30. Once you return, you will then have the ability to start the counter over and increase your Energy Cap each day. Your Energy Cap will never drop below current Energy Cap of 30.

Level 3 – You can increase your daily Energy Cap to 38.

Level 4 – You can increase your daily Energy Cap to 42.

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