All Destiny Gold Loot Chest Locations

By | September 11, 2014

Here are the list of All Destiny Gold Loot Chest Locations for each planet ! each zone have 5 Golden Chests, that you can find in the campaign. Some golden loot chests take on different appearances, have better items, and are randomly stashed away in hard to reach areas or in unassuming caves

Destiny Earth Gold Chests

Number Area Location
1 The Steppes to Dock 13 From the Steppes, enter the building that leads to Dock 13 and move into the next room. A Gold Chest rests in plain view atop a desk.
2 Forgotten Shore At the base of the Forgotten Shore Cliff, located just below the Terrestrial Complex, a Gold Chest lies next to the water. You can walk or even drive with the Sparrow through the lighter colored water.
3 Forgotten Shore to Mothyards Enter the path from the Forgotten Shores toward Mothyards, and follow it as it curves left and then back right. Turn to the right side and spot the water falling in front of a cave. A Gold Chest sits inside.
4 Lunar Complex Inside the room where you took down the Hive Wizard during The Dark Within. Jump onto the room on the left and search the back side to find the chest.
5 Devils’ Lair This Gold Chest is accessible only during the Devils’ Lair Strike. Either during the fight with Sepiks Prime or just after defeating it, search under the right platform.

Destiny Moon Gold Chests

Number Area Location
1 Temple of Crota Enter the temple, drop to the lowest floor, and spin to the right to find the exit. Follow the path further into the Hive temple. Cross the bridge into the ship and continue out the right side – stopping at the end of the ramp. Look down to the right to spot a small platform with a Gold Chest.
2 Archer’s Line to Hellmouth As you make your way to Hellmouth from Archer’s Line, look for a rock formation on the left just before the short bridge. Look behind it to find this Gold Chest.
3 Archer’s Line to Hall of Wisdom Climb the hill across from the starting point in Archer’s Line, cut through the debilitated dome structure, and follow the path into the Hive fortress. Take the spiral ramp down to the bottom of the cave or simply drop down. Enter the water to the right of the Hall of Wisdom entrance to find the chest.
4 The World’s Grave Find this Gold Chest inside the final room of The World’s Grave. Drop into the water right away and search along the rocky wall to get your reward.
5 The Summoning Pits this chest is only accessible during the Moon Strike, The Summoning Pit. Move over to the lower platform at the far end of the arena and search between the two staircases.

Destiny Venus Gold Chests

Number Area Location
1 Shattered Coast to Ishtar Academy Drop into the hole in the Shattered Coast and follow the tunnel toward Ishtar Academy. Before you reach the bend, look back to find a Gold Chest next to a pillar.
2 Campus 9 After you enter Campus9 from the Waking Ruins, run over to the far building, next to the waterfall. A Gold Chest sits next to the structure on the other side.
3 N/Gen Branch Enter N/Gen Branch from Ishtar Commons and head to the right. Move into the small building and search the central cubicles for the Gold Chest.
4 Winter’s Lair In Winter’s lair, follow the trail around the outside of the cavern until you reach the upper overlook. Step out onto the horizontal pole and jump over to the the right ledge to collect this Gold Chest.
5 The Cinders In the Cinders, fight your way onto the ketch. Turn to the right and move to the very back. Drop down to the lower ledge to find the Gold Chest.

 Mars Gold Chests

Number Area Location
1 The Barrens From the Barrens landing zone, go over to the circular Cabal outpost that sits near the exit to Scablands. The Gold Chest sits atop a stack of crates.
2 Barrens to the Hollows In the tunnel between Barrens and the Hollows, look for a small opening above just before you emerge downtown. Hop into the hole, and look to the right to find the chest.
3 Dust Palace Inside the Dust Palace, where the first door is opened in the Dust Palace Strike, look for the door labeled with the number 3. Behind the reception desk is the Gold Chest.
4 Iron Line Inside Iron line, at the giant gate that leads to the Legion’s Keep, run along the left walkway. Jump onto the big pipes in the corner, and turn around. Leap up to the walkway on the left and follow it all the way to the other side to find this chest, neatly tucked into the corner.
5 Tharsis Junction Inside the subway at Tharsis Junction, look fro the Vex gate in the corner behind the train cars. Behind it is a small room. Go inside, and slip behind the fencing in the far corner. Follow the path to collect the chest.