America Under Siege Mafia Wars

By | March 21, 2011

America Under Siege Mafia Wars is a new global mission with grand prize dream comute (142 attack 79 defense)

mafia wars america under seige – you think you can disturb a wasp’s nest and not get stung ?

there are 6 missions and when you finish the last mission you will get this grand prize !

Imperium State
Get Support From Your Mafia (5x)
Acquire 20 Sets of Blackmail Photos
Build 2 Armors
reward : Razorback (76 attack 38 defense)

Secret Origins
Collect From Your Dockyard 2 Times. You may collect from Dockyard every 8 hours
Win 100 Fights In New York.
Job: Influence a Harbor Official (20x).

Plans With Plans
Get Support From Your Mafia (10x).
Ice 15 Opponents In New York.
Defeat a Key Imperium Lieutenant. (Guy D’Meeno has 10,000 health)
reward : Harpoon GT (72 attack 43 defense)

The City of Sin
Collect 2 Times From Poker Room.
Aquire 30 Sets of Blackmail Photos.
Rob 10 Poker Tables In Las Vegas.

Fistfuls of Sand
Job: Buy Off A Crooked Border Agent (20x)
Aquire 20 Sets of Blackmail Photos.
Win 1 War

A Spreading Plague
Get Support From Your Mafia (10x).
Job: Open Fire On A Rival Outfit (30x)
Make Sure He Stays Down This Time. (Guy D’Meeno has 16,000 health)
reward : Dream Commute (142 attack 79 defense)

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