Animal Trough FarmVille

By | October 28, 2010

Animal Trough FarmVille ! With the introduction of Animal Feed Troughs you can now purchase a new building for your Farm that, once full of animal feed, can attract animals which you can adopt for your farm.

Once you adopt one, your Feed Trough will need to get filled up again in order to attract another farm animal.

The next time you log into FarmVille after the update you’ll receive an Animal Trough to place on your farm. If you do not choose to place it now it will go into your Gift Box for placement later.

Once you click on the Animal Trough and choose “Look Inside” you’ll see this window:
farmville animal trough

now you need Animal Trough filled with animal feed, it’ll take 20 units of Animal Feed to top off the Trough

how to get animal feed in farmville ?
– you can buy it for 1 farm cash
– click ask for feed button so your friends can send you animal feed

here’s the animal trough progress

how to adopt animal from animal feed trough in farmville ?
once animal trough filled with animal feed you will get this pop up :
Congratulations ! hooray, you’ve topped off your feed trough ! check back within the next day for any animals that stop by ! do you want to share some extra animal feed with your friends ?

so in the next day if you see the light above animal trough building is green and the doors are closed, that means you’ve been successful in adopting the animal ! go inside your animal feed trough you will get a pop up like this :
“congrats ! you found a hungry poncho llama eating from your feed trough and adopted it for your farm ! you can find it in your gift box, would like to share one with your friends too ?”

but if you wait more than a couple of days, the animal will go away, you will get this pop up :
“Oh no ! Looks like an animal stopped by but you just missed it ! It ate 2 scoops worth of your animal feed – would you like to ask for more ?”

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  • http://farmvilleonfacebook claire may

    I have had a full animal trough for over a week, but no animals!!!!!!!!!