Aunt’s List Frontierville Mission

By | September 30, 2010

Aunt’s List Frontierville Mission ! aunt is coming in frontierville ? because there’s new goal for aunt

frontierville aunt’s list quest

there are 5 part for aunt’s list mission

GOAL: Aunt’s List, Part I of V
Plant 60 Potatoes
Tend 20 Neighbor Potatoes

reward : 50 Food

GOAL: Aunt’s List, Part II of V
Harvest 60 Potatoes
Tend 20 Neighbor Potatoes

reward : 50 XP

GOAL: Aunt’s List, Part III of V
Buy 10 Cows
Tend 10 Neighbor Cows

reward : 1 Cow

GOAL: Aunt’s List, Part IV of V
Buy one Butter-Churn
Get one Ribeye

reward : 1 Ox

GOAL: Aunt’s List, Part V of V
Craft 20 Planks
Get Ten Nails

reward : 1 boiled shoes !

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