Barber Shop In Frontierville

By | January 20, 2011

Barber Shop In Frontierville ! Are you hankerin’ for a new do ? Build the barbershop and bring a new sense of style to the wild frontier !

frontierville barber shop

you can buy barber shop in the market for 760 coins + 11 woods and will got 15 XP, barber shop need 10 whacks (7 wood/whack)

next to finish your barber shop collect @5 for new materials :
frontierville razor
frontierville hair dye
frontierville smock
frontierville sink
frontierville spackle
frontierville plaster


after you finish with the materials you still need to ask your friends to become your barber shop staff

after that you can choose new looks for your avatar hair or beards 😀

Female :
afro puffs
cleopatra hair – 12 HS
flowy style
low pigtails

Male :
chopped hair – 12 HS
clean style

yosemite stache – 4 HS
long beard

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