Beehive Materials Links FarmVille

By | July 13, 2010

Beehive Materials Links FarmVille ! already put the bee hive on your farm ? now you can start to build beehive on farmville 😀

farmville beehive materials

i heard that there’s a glitch error when open the beehive ? you can clear your browser cache and open it again, it will solves the problems for beehive !

as usual you will need material parts to build something on farmville 😛 but don’t worry you can use the beehive parts links for farmville here

just askt your friends to send the parts with these links :

farmville beeswax link – send | request
farmville-beeswax ask-beeswax

farmville smoker link – send | request
farmville-smoker ask-smoker

farmville nail link – send | request
farmville-nail ask-nail

farmville brick link – send | request
farmville-brick ask-brick

farmville woodenboard link – send | request
farmville-woodenboard ask-woodenboard

click the images that you want the parts for, ask a lot of neighbors with farmville beehive material links so you can continue with the queen bee 😀

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