Best Planet How To Get Fast Money Crazy Planets

By | July 28, 2009

How to get fast money/gold in Crazy Planets ? Well if you already finished all stages, and i belived you’ll find the best stage/planet to play for money at a high level is Percision 1st galaxy. No need money cheats for this right 😛

The most money a stage gives is 120, from the 3rd galaxy, but too many enemies. In this stage there are only 3 enemies all inwhich are 40=< HP. So it takes like 1 min to do the stage, and 90 gold.

Or maybe you’ll find it’s Central Boulders the best stage for money ? Yes it is better in Exp and money, but not fast as Percision. You can do twice as many Percision missions than the that one. As you see i said in money and not in exp, plus the bots in percision are far more easier and die in one hit, helps in lower level players, plus if you follow the instrustions below and with a little practice in position, the 3rd bot most of the time kills itself.
In Central Boulders, you take 1 shot to push 1st boulder to kill 2 out of the 4 bots, then 2nd shot made to be able to get the money, and at least 2 turns to kill the rest of the bots. In Percision, most of the time it only takes 2 shots, so in the long run its better.

Here is an image to guide you better, show which target to kill first , second and where to stand (On green line). This way the third target ends up killing its self… so faster round.

Thanks to Kxk03Dcc for sharing this Crazy Planets how to get fast money tips 😀