Black Pig FarmVille

By | April 29, 2010

Black Pig FarmVille 🙂 a new color pig is here on farmville

FarmVille Black Pig in gift box

whoa so black.. if the eyes closed then you will see all black 😛

how do you get black pig on farmville ?
you can get black pig from Mystery Gifts, since april 27th the free gift mystery box content has been updated so you can find it in there 🙂

if you found one you will see this pop up
“your mystery gift is the black pig ! if you send a mystery gift to a friend, maybe they’ll return the favor !”

you can harvest truffles in 2 days from black pig, which are sold for 30 coins. The black pig can be sold for 50 coins.

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  • elizabeth oliveras

    loves this pig

  • adi

    I want one of these So Bad! My bf has 3 of them 🙁