Brain Challenge Walkthrough Level 1 – 20 Answer Solution

By | July 7, 2012

Play Brain Challenge game by soracorp the best puzzle game available on Android ! Too hard for you ? and stuck on some level and need solution how to pass ? then look for the brain challenge walkthrough below 🙂

Do you think you are intelligent ? Let this application challenge you through different problems. Enigmas, riddles, puzzles… Everything is here !

Even if you think that sometimes it is impossible, be sure that the hint tips is just under your eyes !
Your brain is going to have a hard time, I promise ! Will you be able to clear all the stages ?!

here are the brain challenge walkthrough level 1 – 20 – thx to m verdin

brain challenge level 1 answer
ok, go to the next stage !

brain challenge level 2 answer
One of the words need to cover another word before hitting ok

brain challenge level 3 answer
Touch the screen….index n middle

brain challenge level 4 answer
Think….citrus fruit but pay close attention to V.I.P.

brain challenge level 5 answer
The answer is written in black

brain challenge level 6 answer
Quit thinking so hard and look st YOUR OWN phone

brain challenge level 7 answer
How could you have a feeling??

brain challenge level 8 answer
Change the “angle” of your thoughts

brain challenge level 9 answer
Abc….easy as 123…abc baby u n me girl (hehehehe)

brain challenge level 10 answer

brain challenge level 11 answer
Hmmmm I’ve seen this before…..what level???

brain challenge level 12 answer
Think elementary school….think PAGERS! might wanna get the same angle as #8

brain challenge level 13 answer
Spread it out till it pops!

brain challenge level 14 answer
Just wait…..n wait…..Wait as long as it would take to climb THE ROCKY……..

brain challenge level 15 answer
Start w the Ram and go in order of the astrological months

brain challenge level 16 answer
Turn up ur volume m keep on scratching!!!!

brain challenge level 17 answer
It IS what u think it is but the spelling goes better with 2 lumps of sugar!

brain challenge level 18 answer
The second? Hmmmm this is a stumper…. try using the 2nd letters

brain challenge level 19 answer
I don’t know how in the world ur supposed to figure it out so let’s say it rhymes w jack n JILL go up a….well u get it lol

brain challenge level 20 answer
The answer is spread out in 5 letters throughout the movie. The 1st one is IMMEDIATE…..2 are the same and it IS the name of the killer.

**warning…once I entered the answer it kicked me out back to level 1. I quickly flee through the levels and had my friend try in hers, she moved on to level 21. I reentered my answer and I also moved on. It may be a glitch!! If u r kicked back to lvl 1, run through it n try again. DON’T GIVE UP***

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  • Zinckon

    Hey, in level 14, What is “THE ROCKY….” refering to???…



  • chere

    I have been stuck on level 20 for months now. I’ve seen all the hints but I cannot figure out what it is. I’m not sure which letters to use or which order or if I’m missing something. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • amy

    How do you solve 10 I just don’t get it I’ve been stuck on it for hours?