Brained Answer Level 31 – 40 Walkthrough

By | July 30, 2012

Here are the brained walkthrough for level 31 – 40 ! Once you have finished all 40 levels, you can complete a puzzle and reveal an award for your hard work !


brained answer :

Brained Level 31 Walkthrough
Catch black, blue, red and green spots
don’t catch the purple spots.

Brained Level 32 Walkthrough
Colors and shapes
Choose the right color and shape
You have to choose the right shape and then you have to choose the color in which the word is written.
(For example: If you have a triangle picture, but the word is rectangle, you have to pick the picture of rectangle and if the word RED is written in BLUE, then you have to pick blue)

Brained Level 33 Walkthrough
Save Freddy
Drag freddy to the right side, then you can move it little bit upward and hide it.

Brained Level 34 Walkthrough
Memory with a twist
It’s a classic memory game, except two pieces don’t have matches.
These are:
Phone piece – turn your phone upside down
II piece – tap it twice

Brained Level 35 Walkthrough
When in Rome..
On the top of the screen you can see the word “MECHANIC”
Roman numerals
M – 1000
C – 100
I – 1
Answer: 1101

Brained Level 36 Walkthrough
Catch blue, green and purple spots
don’t catch the purple and black spots.

Brained Level 37 Walkthrough
Choose the right/wrong color
Choose the color in which the word is written, and then the word itself
(For example: If the word RED is written in BLUE, then you have to pick blue and then if the word GREEN is in any color, you have to pick green. And then again, if the word RED is written in BLUE, you have to pick blue etc…)

Brained Level 38 Walkthrough
Suicidal Freddy
Catch all the falling spikes

Brained Level 39 Walkthrough
Look until you see
That’s it, press OK if you can see the numbers.

Brained Level 40 Walkthrough
The answer is in the previous level – stereogram level.
Answer: 1337

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