Brained Solution Level 21 – 30 Walkthrough

By | July 30, 2012

On brained level 21 – 30 you still see some puzzle for color, shape and safe with more challenging problems ! so if you stucked in these level see brained solution here 🙂


brained walkthrough level 21 – 30 :

Brained Level 21 Walkthrough
Hearts ! Light up the big heart
You have to tap on the male and female figures to change their color.
And if you have the right color-match the small heart lights up.
If all three are correct (and in right order e.g red-blue is not the same as blue-red) then the big heart will also light up.
The right colors are:
Red – Orange
Yellow – Green
Blue – Purple
(they are not in random order, they represent the colors of the rainbow)

Brained Level 22 Walkthrough
Colors ! Choose the right color
You have to choose the colors in which the words are written.
(For example: If the word RED is written in BLUE, then you have to pick blue)

Brained Level 23 Walkthrough
Emergency line
Answer: 911

Brained Level 24 Walkthrough
You need 4l of fluid
You have 3 barrels, you need exactly 4l of fluid.
8l | 5l| 3l
8 | 0 | 0
3 | 5 | 0
3 | 2 | 3
6 | 2 | 0
6 | 0 | 2
1 | 5 | 2
1 | 4 | 3

Brained Level 25 Walkthrough
Do some math
On the top of the screen you can see numbers: 01479
0 -> 1 = 1
1 -> 4 = 3
4 -> 7 = 3
7 -> 9 = 2
Answer: 1332

Brained Level 26 Walkthrough
Catch black, blue, green and purple spots
don’t catch the red spots.

Brained Level 27 Walkthrough
Colors and shapes
Choose the right color and shape
You have to choose the right shape and then you have to choose the color in which the word is written.
(For example: If you have a triangle picture, but the word is rectangle, you have to pick rectangle picture and if the word RED is written in BLUE, then you have to pick blue)

Brained Level 28 Walkthrough
Find the right place for each piece.
Drag the animal pieces on to the striped squares.
There is a right square for each piece, the game is completed where you have placed all the pieces on to their correct squares.
You have to remember where you have tried to place the piece already.
(For example: at first, put all the pieces in the same order as they are at the beginning and then move the ones that are not placed correctly (correct pieces stay in place) one step to the right).

Brained Level 29 Walkthrough
Bring the shapes to the right.
You cannot take two shapes in a row from one side unless the button is pressed.
If you remember the boat crossing puzzle with the goat, the wolf and the cabbage story then you must be know the answer !
the answer is :
Move the circle to the right.
Press power button.
Move the triangle to the right, the circle to the left and the square to the right.
Press power button.
Move circle to the right.
Press power button.

Brained Level 30 Walkthrough
Safe + It’s time
On the top of the screen you can see the sentence “It’s time”
You have to enter your phone time In 24-hour format
(For example: when it’s morning and the time is 09.18 then the right combination would be “0918”)

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  • Susan

    have the problem that I have only 4 trials to solve the level 28. Is that normal?

    • admin

      have u update the game ? and what device u play on ?

  • Susan

    Yes, all updates are done and I use nexus 4.