Bread Oven Guide in Cafe World

By | April 15, 2011

Bread Oven Guide in Cafe World ! place the all-new bread oven in your cafe, and uncover the mysteries of the bread book !
cafe world bread oven

this oven only need 1 click cooking and no cleaning required, now to build you must ask your friends for parts or buy with cash :
– loaf pan
– cooling rack
– bricks
– fire wood

there are 4 dishes for bread oven :
sweet diner rolls (10 m 275 coins)
banana bread (30m 2200 coins)
parisian baguette (2h 2100 coins)
sticky buns (8h 1500 coins)

build the bread oven today and complete the bread oven goals to get 3 new bread oven recipes !

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