Build Snowman In Farmville

By | December 18, 2010

Build Snowman In Farmville ! when you open farmville today you will see a pop up with to put snowman on your farm 🙂

farmville snowman

congrats! you’ve started building a snowman ! share the news with your friends

Visit your friend’s farm and start a farmville snowball fight ! when your friend throws a snowball back at you, collect them to build a magical snowman.

Remember, the more snow balls you throw, the more likely you are to get a snowball thrown back ! Visit your friend’s farm today and let the snow frenzy begin !

inside farmville snowman there’s a level that you must complete, and each level have a different materials requirement :
– pile of snow
– smilling snowman : 10 pile of snow + 1 snowman scarf
– deeper snowman : 5 pile of snow + snowman button
– dancing snowman : 2 piles of snow + 1 magic hat

you can use farmville snowman links to build faster with friends help 🙂

And if you’re done you can harvest snowman ! Once a day you’ll also be able to harvest the Snowman for Watering Cans—the higher the tier, the more Watering Cans you can get out of it.

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