Cafe World 2 Year Anniversary

By | September 13, 2011

Do you see this screen when you enter the game today ? it’s a cafe world 2 year anniversary event ! read more below to see a bigger picture

the party is on its way!

3 new dishes and 2 functional items for second anniversary ?

here’s the schedule for releases this week on cafe world :
9/12: New goals
9/13: New catering order
9/14: Anniversary Event!: Details to come.
9/16: BIG News…

you can see this update on cafe world forum, the special anniversary stuff is supposed to happen on Thursday. Just hope that they will released it on time 🙂


more updates when the event is release~

Update : cafe-world-british-to-do-list

british to do list :
1. repeat winston’s goals to unlock 4 new dish + 50% lightning stove
see the requirements in cafe world winstons royal goals

2. complete your high tea table

3. collect british postcards

4. complete high tea party catering order

5. collect travel passes

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