Cafe World 4x Cooking Station Goals

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Finish 6 new cafe world 4x cooking station goals, because this item allows you to drag 4 stoves in one Cooking Station. This will save space and you can click it once to serve! pluns, unlock an eggy-themed dish !
siggy won an atomic egg award for his kitchen inventions, and he’d like you to cook the awards banquet on his new invention !

list of requirements and rewards for these quest :

part 1 : 4x cooking station goal
- place your cooking station
- serve chips and guacamole 7 times
- ask for 4 seating chars

part 2 : i can fix that goal
- serve pita and dolmas 15 times
- ask for 7 handwritten jokes
- have 6 gas pipes

part 3 : elbow grease goal
- serve 30 savory stuffed turkey
- ask for 8 copper coils
- ask for 6 multi-tools

part 4 : kitchen support goal
- serve 35 voodoo chicken salad
- ask for 8 rust-proof bolts
- have 10 steel panels

part 5 : eggy for all goal
- serve gem cake 50 times
- ask for 9 atomic eggs
- ask for 8 wonderous bread
reward : eggy award

part 6 : it’s alive goal
- finish building the cooking station
- cook with the cooking station 3 times
- ask for 12 quark cheese
reward : eggy in a basket recipe

Now you can drag 4 stoves into the Cooking Station!

You will see the stoves you have stored in the Cooking Station below, so you can drag them out later, if you’d like.

Choose a new look for your new Cooking Station!

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