Cafe World 4x Mega Stove

By | March 18, 2011

Cafe World 4x Megastove ! a new stove available today 🙂 With the 4X Mega Stove, you’ll be able to click once to add a dish to one stove 4 times!

4x megastove in cafe world

The 4X Mega Stove will allow you to cook more, save space and time! You will see this stove available shortly and you will be able to build it!

you will see new goals for mega stove too :
cafe world make room for science goal
Place 4x Megastove
Reward : 100 CP and 100 Coins

you can find the mega stove on functional > stoves

And looks like you will need burner to cook on this 4X mega stove since it’s a four burner stove, click megastove and inside you will see 4 new goals to unlock each burner. Basically turning a single stove slot into 4


Grate Scott
– Serve BBQ Chicken 10x
– Serve Mac n Cheese 15x
– Get 6 Grates (ask)

i will continue the burner goals in cafe world 4x megastove goals

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  • noel

    This stove is a waste of time to build, when u finish it, it give u 1 serving with the amount of 4, so is better to place a lighten stove in its place, because you are still getting just 1 serving towards the quest